Network Security

Keep your systems protected at all times against hackers, threats, viruses, spam, and ransomware with our advanced security solutions.

Network Security

Your network’s security is imperative to your business' success; you need to keep your systems protected at all times against hackers, threats, viruses, and spam. With our Network Security services, you can rest assured we will secure your network around the clock and proactively detect and prevent potential threats before they reach your network.

Networx IT Solutions’ Network Security service offers:

  • 24/7 monitoring and management of your firewall
  • URL filtering for virus, malware, and other threat protection
  • Comprehensive end-point solution provides antivirus, malware, and various security threat protection
  • Managed anti-spam service blocks precarious emails from your network

Email & Spam Protection

The email threat landscape is changing and the need for a strong email security solution is more important than ever. Networx IT Solutions partnered with Symantec and Fortinet, global leaders in providing security and information management solutions, to provide you with the market-leading protection against targeted attacks.

Networx IT Solutions’ Email & Spam Protection services include:

  • Proven and awarded security solutions to safeguard your email from spam and ransomware
  • Advanced email protection features, compliance and archiving
  • Can be delivered as a service or installed on your servers

Managed Firewall

Protecting your network is a difficult task as hacking methods have tremendously evolved. No longer can you install a firewall and expect it to protect your systems, business assets, and intellectual property (IP). Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and can involve multiple attack channels to exploit all possible vulnerabilities. These security threats can pounce on you as you browse the internet or open an email. To better protect against attacks and keep up with today’s security challenges, Networx IT Solutions offers comprehensive solutions that start with Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW). We’ll ensure your firewall devices are up-to-date and that traffic is continuously monitored to identify and respond to threats before they reach your network.

Networx IT Solutions’ Managed Firewall service will:

  • Protect your network against hackers
  • Detect and prevent network intrusions (IPS and IDS)
  • Prevent user browsing to untrusted websites
  • Filter web content
  • Control applications to prevent running malicious programs
  • Prevent sensitive information from going out the door (DLP)
  • Monitor the network for suspicious activity

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